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Electrical Control PanelFilling Station Control Systems

Control Systems and Equipment is a specialist supplier to the oil industry and in particular providing industrial electrical control panels for the retail forecourts.

Association for Petroleum and Explosives AdministrationFilling Station Distribution Boards

Over the years, the requirements for the electrical system in Filling Stations and Motorway Service Areas has progressed from simple fused supplies to the sophisticated distribution boards we need today. This requirement is partly due to legislation for health and safety, the need for reliability, the need for efficient operation and maintenance, the growth of retail selling and the progress of technology.

In response to these requirements we have developed a family of distribution boards which cater for this specialist market. The boards have evolved over many years in association with Senior Engineers from within the Petroleum industry, specialist consultants, installation contractors, retail operators and their staff.

Floor Standing Distribution Board

The boards can be individually tailored to site requirements or manufactured in batches to a standard design to achieve maximum cost effectiveness.

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